Transportation Films

Escalator Image

For interiors, our full line of anti-scratch/anti-graffiti films offers excellent optical quality for public transit vehicles (rail cars, trams, subway cars, buses, etc.) side windows, cab windows, interior windows and other surfaces which protect these valuable assets. These sacrificial films are easily replaceable with new Madico films once it becomes necessary.

For exterior applications, Madico offers our CL 400 HDF exterior window film and paint protection film (ppf) solutions which are highly durable in standing up to regular pressurized cleaning, vandalism and general wear. We are also able to recommend various opaque films for car bodies and other surface solutions manufactured by our parent company Lintec. These products can be decorative in nature and available in many single and multi-tone colors.

Madico transportation films are also very cost effective in protecting other transit assets such as walking sidewalks, escalators, elevators and watercraft.