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An award-winning organization, Madico is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of laminating and coating solutions. We provide high performance, complex, multilayer films engineered to exceed customer expectations in our target market segments.


Madico is a world leader in the COATING, LAMINATING, and CONVERTING of films in wide width, roll-to-roll format.  Our products are multilayered, engineered films primarily targeting applications in Energy-related markets such as Solar Control Window Films, Automotive and Paint Protection Films, Photovoltaic Backsheets, and Safety/Security Films.

Our name, in the markets we serve, is synonymous with DURABILITY.  We build products that LAST. If long-lived materials are critical to your final product design, if your product’s useful life equates to value, rely on Madico’s commitment to building best-in-class, long-term product solutions.

Our corporate strategy is based on profitable growth, continuous improvement, and leveraging an open innovation model to expand our value proposition.   Our technical capability to handle thin webs and utilize interfaces in product constructions to add value is competitively differentiating.  We invite you to challenge us with your material needs!

As always, the backbone of any company is their commitment to the customer experience.  This too is a measure of durability (i.e. long-term customer loyalty and retention).  We are committed to FAST, FLEXIBLE, and LEAN™ to ensure your experience with Madico is rewarding.  We will earn your business everyday!

Madico’s divisions share a reputation for ethical business, strong value propositions, & innovative development.

The Window Films division develops advanced laminates that help automobile, home, and commercial property owners curb energy consumption, combat harmful effects of ultraviolet rays, and increase personal safety.
The Photovoltaics business group operates inside the Specialty Films Division. The group provides protective coated film and film laminates to leaders in the solar energy marketplace. To find out more about our certified offerings speak to a representative today!
The Specialty Products business group operates inside the Specialty Films Division. The group offers film and coating solutions to the needs of Glass OEMs, the Security Industry, and other market segments.
With more than 40 years of precision coating and laminating experience, the Contract Coating group is able to offer you outstanding Toll/Contracting Manufacturing services.