• Madico develops products that protect people and the planet

  • Asset Security: secure your property and investments from vandals and thieves

  • Renewable Energy: High performing Protekt® PV Backsheets

  • Energy Conservation: conserve energy with Madico Window Film

  • Human Safety: Films that provide safety from natural and man-made disasters

An award-winning organization, Madico is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of laminating and coating solutions. We provide high performance, complex, multilayer films engineered to exceed customer expectations in our target market segments.

Madico’s divisions share a reputation for ethical business, strong value propositions, & innovative development.

The Window Films division develops advanced laminates that help automobile, home, and commercial property owners curb energy consumption, combat harmful effects of ultraviolet rays, and increase personal safety. Find a dealer near you today!
The Photovoltaics business group operates inside the Specialty Films Division. The group provides protective coated film and film laminates to leaders in the solar energy marketplace. To find out more about our certified offerings speak to a representative today!
The Specialty Products business group operates inside the Specialty Films Division. The group offers film and coating solutions to the needs of Glass OEMs, the Security Industry, and other market segments.
The Contract Manufacturing group offers access to our 110+ years of coating, laminating and operational experience. If you require a specific product, influence over the manufacturing process, or are experiencing a gap in product supply, contact us!
The Development Consortium is responsible for creating new products to serve anticipated market needs. We recognize that development success hinges on close partnerships with Lead-users. Contact us today!
  • Green Facility

    Green Manufacturing is possible!  Madico's commitment to the environment extends beyond our products!

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  • Our Quality

    Quality and consistency ensures our customers' long term performance reliability.

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  • Madico's 100+ Years of Innovation

    Take a look at our history.

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  • President's Message

    The magic in Madico's Success Story is our reliance and commitment to the human component.

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