• Protect valuable surfaces with Madico Graffiti-Free film.

Graffiti-Free Films

shutterstock_subway train w garaffiti_croppedUnfortunately, the issues of vandalism and physical destruction of property are not limited to any one industry or any one geographic market. It is a worldwide problem that costs billions of dollars annually.  Fortunately, there are ways to mitigate these harmful acts of others for the benefit of  the rest of society.

Madico Graffiti-Free® film products offer a safety layer of film that protects both glass and other smooth surfaces from harm. Optically clear and distortion free, Madico graffiti film acts as a sacrificial barrier to guard against costly graffiti, etching, or high-traffic wear while providing a protective layer of safety from flying glass should glass break.  Our films are easily removable for replacement without leaving a residue which can improve the turnaround period for maintenance and servicing of rail cars, buses, elevators and escalators, and vending machines. All public spaces can benefit from Madico Graffiti-Free films.

Madico Graffiti-Free film products are available in a variety of widths and lengths to best accommodate rail car and bus manufacturers and the suppliers of their window systems. These films are available in both roll and sheet formats.