Measurement and Verification Tools

With increasing needs for energy efficiency in commercial buildings, there is a greater demand for measurement and verification of the savings provided by energy conservation products.  To meet these demands, Madico has a variety of tools to help measure and verify the savings of our window films.  These tools can be used individually, or in combination to collect data directly from your building and prove that you’ll save energy Madico window films!


Efilm is a new energy analysis program that allows Madico to simulate a building’s annual energy consumption by creating a 3D model of a building. We can use this to calculate a building’s approximate energy consumption and costs before and after application of Madico Solar Control Window Film.

Efilm was created specifically for the window film industry, and provides potential clients an estimated return on investment and detailed information on how consumption can be reduced with window film.

Click here to learn more about Efilm.


Data Loggers

To measure and verify the heat rejection of our films, Madico uses temperature data loggers to monitor temperature reductions with our window films installed.  Tracking the inside temperature of a room or floor with and without film can provide a clear view of how much cooler your building can be by installing window film.

We can monitor temperatures for a week, a month, or even longer and graph the results, giving you measured data directly from your building.  In some buildings, we’ve seen temperatures reduced by over 20 degrees farenheit by installing our film!  That translates to significant savings in cooling costs, and huge comfort improvements.

This type of measurement can also be used to satisfy requirements of the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol, a widely accepted standard for measuring effectiveness of energy savings products.

Click here to view a sample temperature graph created with Temperature Data Loggers.

Click here to view the data logger instructions.


Cooling Loads

Madico can also estimate the reduction in your peak cooling load due to solar heat gain.  Taking measurements of BTU/hr sq ft transmitted through your existing glass, and through your glass with the addition of our film, we can estimate how much your cooling load due to solar gain will decrease at any given time of day.  Solar heat gain can be the largest contributor to your cooling load, so measuring and quantifying its reduction can be valuable information for lowering air conditioning needs.

Click here to download instructions on how to measure and calculate cooling load reductions with film.


Thermal Imaging Cameras

Madico can also show the heat rejection of our films using Thermal Imaging Cameras.   These cameras create a visual of the temperature reduction inside the room, and allow you to check the temperature at different locations in the room. Thermal Images also clearly demonstrate how our films stop heat at the glass, in turn preventing heat from coming into the room.


Glass Meters

To recommend the best film to your customer, you need to know exactly what type of glass they have.  Madico offers a variety of glass meters in our tools catalog to help you with this.  We have tools to check glass strength, thickness, coatings and visible light transmission.  With this info, you can be confident that you’re offering a film that will perform the best, look great, and also be safe for the glass.

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