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Solution Series

Solutions series logo-outlines_BlueThe Solution Series by Madico consists of films designed to meet specific needs outside of traditional architectural or automotive applications.

The Series brings together some of our most unique products to offer solutions to a variety of concerns from blocking UV light in computer clean rooms to protecting valuable museum artifacts.

UV Gard

UV-Gard window film from Madico filters out over 99% of ultra-violet light while still allowing the maximum amount of visible light into a space. This optically-clear film was designed with museums and retail store-fronts in mind where both maximum light transmission and fade control are necessary.

UV-Gard has also proven to be an excellent choice for homes, schools and office buildings where UV exposure is a health concern.  Hospitals and nursing home facilities also benefit by being able to offer additional protection to their patients and residents.


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Amber 81

Amber 81 is a specialty window film designed for use in environments that require the blocking of ultraviolet light into the low visible light region. It is commonly used in the medical field*, technology based clean rooms, and for photography purposes.


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Graffiti Free

Graffiti-Free film is designed to protect both glass and other smooth surfaces from harm. Optically clear and distortion-free, Graffiti-Free window film acts a sacrificial barrier to guard glass from costly graffiti, etching, or high-traffic wear. After such an event has occurred, the damaged film is removed and a new layer is installed at a cost significantly less than the cost of removing and replacing the glass.

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Blister Free

Blister Free film was designed specifically for polycarbonate (Lexan®) and acrylic (Plexiglass®) substrates. Polymeric substrates such as these absorb moisture on high humidity days and exude that moisture vapor on low humidity days, leading to the blistering of standard film products. Madico’s Blister Free film offers a proprietary adhesive that is not affected by the absorption and release of this moisture and remains intact. When used as a base film layer, Blister Free opens up a world of film options that can be applied.*

*Blister Free film applications must be allowed to dry for at least seven days before a second film can be applied over it.


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Custom film printing is a great alternative to stock designs and can be used for interior decorating and privacy. The possibilities are endless – create beautiful, full color murals and patterns, visually soften an entryway, dress up a retail window display, add privacy to office work spaces and more.

Printable films from Madico are optically clear and available in two different adhesive types. Select films also block UV rays or offer a scratch resistant coating for use in higher traffic areas.


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View Control

View Control films change between transparency and translucency as the viewing angle changes. The film can be used in a variety of ways such as to hide an object from view or to highlight another. Create privacy from certain angles on glass conference rooms, partition walls, windows and other applications. View Control films can also be used to create visual effects in showrooms, museums and retail spaces.

View Control

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