Secure Infrared Encoding

The secure infrared coated films and laminates offer covert and forensic security in virtually any industry requiring asset security or product/document authentication. The feature is extraordinarily beneficial to the Security market. This infrared (IR) optical coating and laser writing technology creates unique security markings that are machine-readable by existing IR scanners and provide instant authentication, eliminating human error. These unique security markings can be incorporated into ID cards, paper documents, retail tags, and other documents by a variety of coating and laminating methods. Applications for this technology are limitless.

FileSIRE Sellsheet


SIRETM provides a covert layer of security utilizing the infrared readable spectrum.  The unique infrared spectrum allows for “go/no go” machine-readable authentication in the IR, with no visible response and little to no visible color.



SIRETM secure layers comprise a characteristic and unique wide IR optical band that could be verified through forensic analysis.



Our layer of security can be enhanced by laser writing at the resolution of the laser beam to form machine-readable covert digital images, barcodes, etc.  This laser imaging creates a high contrast IR readable response for “go/no go” authentication.