• Discover one of the best scratch resistant hard coats in the industry.

Electronic Display

Madico offers specialty film products for electronic display OEM’s and accessory providers for mobile and fixed displays. We provide a wide range of custom and standard solutions which protect displays against end user’s interaction during everyday use. These products offer various feature specifications for scratch resistance (including pencil hardness), hydrophobicity, anti-reflective and anti-glare properties, adhesive systems, chemical and cleaning resistance, light transmission levels and other criteria.

Our CL400 HDF film is excellent for scratch resistance with excellent optics primarily for exterior applications. Our Wincos View Control films offer 4 different standard SKU’s that allow various viewing angles and degrees of privacy. Our Neutralux47 anti-microbial films include an excellent matte surface finish for both display and non-display applications.

And, we are making significant advancements with our anti-reflective, anti-glare and spectrally select film offerings. More on these soon.