• Secure your documentation with Detekt® with SIRE® Technology.

Detekt Security Films

SIRE-TM-Logo_red_2011As crime, fraud, and terrorism continue to spread around the world, protecting the personal data of customers is becoming a 24/7 worry for many organizations. As the spread of data loss and theft becomes a greater threat to your organization, it is important you adopt new security features that will make it impossible for others to engage in illegal activity with fake documents.  Detekt®® with SIRE® Technology can be part of your overall security strategy.

luggage smallDetekt® with SIRE® Technology is a unique film material designed into cards, label documents, and other such applications as an embedded security feature. It can be used as either an overlay or inlay and works with various card constructions, including PET/PVC composite cards, all PET cards, and Polycarbonate cards or documents.

Detekt® optical film and laser writing technology creates unique security markings that cannot be counterfeited and provide instant authentication, eliminating human error. Detekt® gives the issuer an additional level of security by its ability to be personalized through custom laser imaging which allows for the embedding of 1D and 2D barcodes, hidden logos or other images.

For more information on Detekt®, download the sell sheet.