Anti-Spall Films - Madico Window Films & Specialty Films

Anti-Spall Films

Madico Anti-Spall films improve weight, performance and cost for ballistic glass manufacturers. The top sheet CL700 series and LCL1500 series are used in conjunction with PVB, TPU or EVA interlayers to make glazing stronger.

‌‌Anti-Spall film benefits:

  • Spall protection
  • Scratch resistant hard coat
  • Weight reduction
  • Superior optical performance
  • Benefits of laminated glass
  • Excellent peel strength, abrasion and chemical resistance and flammability resistance


The Anti-Spall products have been certified for: Peel Strength (ASTM D-3167), Chemical Resistance (ANSI Z26.1 Test 19), Abrasion Resistance (ANSI Z26.1 Test 17), and Flammability (Z26.1 Test 24) standards.

Applications for Madico Anti-Spall films include –  Automotive: sunroofs, windscreens, side lites and rear lites Defense & Security: ballistic glass laminations, bomb blast glass laminations, bullet resistant glass laminations, and detention and intrusion glass laminations Transportation: passenger windows, windscreens, and privacy screens Others: architectural, hurricane, and storms