Anti-Spall Films

Madico Anti-Spall films improve weight, performance and cost for ballistic glass manufacturers.

‌‌Anti-Spall film benefits:

  • Spall protection
  • Scratch resistant hard coat
  • Weight reduction
  • Superior optical performance
  • Benefits of laminated glass
  • Excellent peel strength, abrasion and chemical resistance and flammability resistance


The Anti-Spall products have been certified for: Peel Strength (ASTM D-3167), Chemical Resistance (ANSI Z26.1 Test 19), Abrasion Resistance (ANSI Z26.1 Test 17), and Flammability (Z26.1 Test 24) standards.

Applications for Madico Anti-Spall films include –  Automotive: sunroofs, windscreens, side lites and rear lites Defense & Security: ballistic glass laminations, bomb blast glass laminations, bullet resistant glass laminations, and detention and intrusion glass laminations Transportation: passenger windows, windscreens, and privacy screens Others: architectural, hurricane, and storms