• Ideal for surfaces such as tabletops, sinks, walls, and touch screens.

Anti-Microbial Films

Nurse and doctor with digital tablet conversing at hospital receMadico’s Neutralux47® and Detekt-Free™ anti-microbial film products utilize FDA and EPA registered silver-based anti-microbial technology which can be applied to surfaces such as tabletops, sinks, walls, tables, and electronic display touch screens to inhibit the growth of microbes that can cause odors, stains, or bio-erosion.

Madico anti-microbial films contain a scratch resistant coating and are available various thickness and substrates based upon your development needs. For faster response, we have 4mil standard thickness with adhesive systems that can be wet or dry laminated to various surfaces.  Adhesive free films are also available.

For more information on Neutralux47®, download our data sheet.

For more information on Detekt-Free™, download our data sheet.