• Our films assist OEM's in passing rigorous testing standards.

Aerospace Films

AerospaceMadico is a leading supplier of Specialty Films to the aerospace industry. We have been partnering with leading OEM manufacturers and their subcontractors providing superior aesthetic and comfort solutions to give consumers a more pleasant experience and assisting the OEM’s efforts in achieving federal and international regulatory requirements for over 20 years.

We have been recognized for providing products that are optically and functionally superior plus offer durability performance that is second to none. Our films are used to provide cleanable, durable, interior surfaces on commercial aircraft and offer a value proposition in the process.  Plus with our new sister company, VDI, we can offer a full range of metalizing film products and services.

These specially designed films assist OEMs in passing the rigorous testing standards set by the Federal Aviation Administration, International Civil Aviation Organization, and the airline industry.  Madico aerospace films are designed to meet and exceed the specifications of leading aircraft manufacturers and their subcontractors to inhibit smoke, fire, toxicity, and other effects from the operation of the aircraft in order to meet industry requirements.  Plus, our Neutralux47® and Detekt-Free™ anti-microbial film products may be an appropriate solution for highly public areas such as aircraft.

Madico is also a leading supplier of thermal, acoustic, and electrical insulation.  Madico aerospace films insulate the fuselage and help to maintain a comfortable environment while the aircraft is in flight.

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