As a pioneer in Photovoltaic Backsheet Laminates for over 20 years, Madico continues to lead the industry!

Our backsheet technologies and products are designed to provide solar panels with the latest innovation in backsheet designs. Madico primary role as a Best in Class laminator and coater is to evaluate and select the best materials commercially available. As a result, our technologies include the best material sets reflecting the best combinatorial solution to meet module manufacturer performance and cost demands. Our award winning technology has granted Madico recognition in the industry for our commitment to innovation and quality.


Protekt® Technology was specifically developed for the PV Industry using a fluor-polymer material with proven performance for long-term durability in all weather conditions. Protekt technology is a coating that is directly applied to the base dialectic bonding layers of PET/EVA, resulting in a backsheet with excellent stability characteristics. Developed to be the world’s Leanest & Greenest ® backsheet, its multi-layered construction reduces unit mass and adheres to a lean manufacturing process. The end result is an eco-friendly backsheet that provides solar panels with maximum power, bond strength, and electrical insulation with resistance to flame and weather.


Power Boosting Technology

Our Patented Bright White Technology: The Bright White attributes of the EVA layer has been proven to reflect a portion of the light that falls into the spaces between cells back onto the cell for conversion. The EVA is compounded with white pigments and/or fluorescent agents, which ultimately boosts power by up to 5%.


DB Technology

Madico has pioneered to create a more cost-effective and high performing backsheet construction we call Dielectric Bonding Technology (DBT) which eliminates the interior layer of either PVF or Fluoropolymer. Compared to the standard design, PVF/Polyester/PVF design, our innovative construction dramatically increases the laminate’s bond strength, power output and insulation against electrical discharge.