Enabling Improvement in Module Energy Output by Manipulation of Opaque Backsheet Design

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Current Trends in Backsheet Evolution

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Every Day is Earth Day.
By Anne Fischer

“Today is Earth Day, an event launched 41 years ago in the US, which has now gone global. Every day is Earth Day in the solar industry, as we are continually doing our part to promote solar energy as a safe and viable alternative to fossil fuels. Nevertheless, many in the solar industry embrace Earth Day as a day to launch new projects and new initiatives…read more

PV Backsheets: Facing global standards.
By Marina Temchenko

“The broad global demand for installed solar energy is unprecedented. The rapid market growth has occurred in front of global standardization of module performance, most notably safety standards. The challenge for module manufacturers is to develop panels to meet safety and performance requirements…read more

Reliability and longevity of the solar modules depend greatly on the packaging materials: superstrate, encapsulant, and substrate.
By Marina Temchenko

“Typical solar panel consists of a superstrate or front sheet, a layer of encapsulant, an array of connected cells, a layer of encapsulant and a substrate or backsheet (Figure. 1) and is designed to operate outdoors for over 25 years. Thin-film solar panels also contain…read more

The challenges facing back sheet manufacturers

“The PV community realizes the limitations of current test methods and is working on a new IEC document that will address concerns.

The rapid growth of the photovoltaic (PV) industry over the last several years led to the development and introduction of numerous new materials for PV applications. This is a very positive phenomenon as new materials allow for more choices, higher performance, and cost reduction of final products. On the other hand…read more