Madico incorporates “lean” strategies into our distribution processes to continuously shorten lead time and reduce inventory by producing finished products closer to the customer. To optimize performance, we rely on a continuous information stream throughout all aspect of the supply channel and we have developed multiple assembly plants in Asia, Europe and the US.

Madico can help reduce Labor, equipment and freight cost while reducing manufacturing time:

Madico introduces an evolutionary step in product finishing by supplying customers with sheets rather than rolls. By eliminating the ambiguity of a roll being a discreet part we leverage our lean process and increase quality output.

Customer Advantages for Sheeting

Customers No Longer Need

  • To unwind
  • To sheet
  • Hole punching tools
  • A stacker

Madico Sheets

  • Can be cut to exact specifications by submitting CAD-CAM electronic drawing
  • Eliminate 4 separate operational steps
  • Will allow for a reduction in capital equipment + reduced costs
  • Reduce cycle time, as they can go directly from receiving to production
  • Cut labor costs and allows customers to redirect manpower to panel production
  • We can pack 1468M2 (16,000 additional sq/ft.) per crate and ship more crates



Madico, together with our parent company Lintec, operates four facilities to meet customers current and future demands.

Protekt Technology replaces a supply-constrained material, which allows Madico to offer a supply chain that is fast, scalable, reliable and lean.

Our Capacity

  • 12 GW  for 2011