Certifications & Testing

The Highest Performing Panels are BUILT with Madico Backsheets!

Madico understands that the ultimate test of our products is in the long-term performance of the solar module. For this reason all our backsheets undergo extensive internal and third party testing to validate and certify that Protekt Backsheet performance exceeds industry standards, providing reliable safety for the life of the panel.  Madico has greatly invested its resources to ensure optimal performance results. 

  • Most complete UL files of any backsheet
  • Most Tested and evaluated backsheet on the market
  • Protekt offers optimal performance to exceed industry standards
  • Superior in Flame Resistance
  • Superior durability against hydrolysis and chemical degradation
  • Superior Electrical Insulation properties
  • Optimal Barrier properties
  • Exceptional UV stability

Protekt is UL recognized; UL tested according to UL 746A UL Standard for Safety Polymeric Materials – Short Term Property Evaluations and 746B Standard and Safety of Polymeric Materials.  Certification received for ASTM E 162 & D257 by third party.  TUV Certified for IEC 60664 and in compliance with IEC 612515 and IEC 61730.

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