Madico® Introduces New Invisi-Film® Tough Coat Paint Protection Film

Madico is pleased to announce that we are now offering a second Invisi-Film® product to provide vehicle owners and dealers more options when it comes to paint protection film. Building on the success of our current Invisi-Film® Standard (ST) product and the result of months of research and development, we have created a top coated version of the product complete with the same 7 year warranty –  Invisi-Film Tough Coat (TC).

A distinguishing feature of the new Invisi-Film® TC is its durable top coat that offers the ultimate defense against chemical stains such as motor oil or gasoline, bird droppings and bug residue.

Learn more on our website, Invisi-Film®. Professional dealers, please contact your local Madico Service Center at 888-887-2022 for more information.

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