Window Film in Commercial Buildings Information Sheet

WF FAQDominion Energy Solutions, a natural gas supplier to more than 500,000 homes and businesses throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions of the United States, recently worked with the International Window Film Association (IWFA) to put together a “Window Film in Commercial Buildings” information sheet. Dominion’s goal was to communicate the many benefits of window film to their commercial  building owners and managers in an easy to understand format. By helping their customers better understand the importance of reducing solar heat gain through windows, Dominion is able to help them achieve both energy and cost savings.

As stated in the information sheet:

One of the largest sources of heat that a heating and cooling system has to work to remove during warmer months is solar heat gain transmitted through windows. This can be reduced by installing window film to your existing windows, making your building more energy efficient while increasing occupancy comfort. Window films also protect occupants by blocking 99% of ultraviolet rays and reduce fading of furniture and flooring materials.

Madico would now like to share this educational PDF with you as an additional resource that can be used to better understand the various benefits associated with installing window film on commercial buildings. Click here to download a PDF of the Information Sheet.


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