Madico’s Sponsored Dealers Gear up for the International Window Film Conference Tint-Off

Rest_vess_ExtremeTint3 (2)

Vess Jimenez and her father Rest Tiglao

Madico will sponsor two tinters at the International Window Film Conference and Tint Off™ (WFCT) in Reno, Nev. from Sept. 30-Oct. 2, 2015: tint competition veteran, Craig Pengelly of Craig’s Car Care in Langley, British Columbia and competition newbie Vess Jimenez of Extreme Tint and Polish in Santa Clara, Calif. – one of the few female tinters in the competition. A number of other loyal Madico customers will also be participating in the Tint-Off.

Jimenez was encouraged to join the competition by fellow competitor and her father Rest Tiglao, Madico dealer and owner of Extreme Tint and Polish in Santa Clara, Calif.

“I’ve always been curious to try it,” said Jimenez, 29. “My dad encouraged me to try it because not many girls join the competition.”

Tiglao’s protégé, Jimenez started tinting at 14 years old. “I wasn’t suited for an office job,” she said. “I love cars. Working with cars every day is fun and working with my dad is a plus. It makes our bond closer.”

Being one of the only females in the competition is a little intimidating for Jimenez but she feels as though this is her opportunity to show what she can do.

“It’s a little scary because you have a lot to prove. It would be an amazing feeling to get into the finals among mostly guys, and show the industry that girls can do it to,” she said.

With an eye on first place, Jimenez told her dad there’s no hard feelings if she makes it to the top. “We’ve been joking around at the shop. I told him ‘although you’re my dad, don’t get upset if I beat you.’ He simply responds by saying, ‘may the best tinter win.’”

Also competing on behalf of Madico, tinter Craig Pengelly is no stranger to competition. He has nine first place, seven second place, two third place and two “speed demon” titles under his belt.

Craig4 (22)

Craig Pengelly

When it comes to competition strategy, Pengelly said he doesn’t really have one. He approaches it from the perspective that “it’s all in good fun.”

“It’s personal gratification,” he said. “It’s fun. I want to be the best I can be at what I do. The prize money is just a bonus. I don’t do sports but I can get trophies for this, so why not? I enjoy it.”

The Tint-Off brings together tinters from around the world to showcase their skills and compete for cash prizes ranging from $1,000 to $10,000. Industry veterans judge the competitors’ tint installations, as well as their procedures, safety, cleanliness and customer interaction. It is also a chance to learn from other professionals, execute quality installations, pick up innovative techniques and of course, compete for the chance to hold the title of “World’s Best Architectural or Automotive Window Film Tinter” and/or “World’s Best Paint Protection Installer.”

Come cheer on our Madico tinters next week at the International Window Film Conference and Tint Off™ (WFCT). See you there!


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