Madico’s Decolite™ Designer Film Line Gains Two New Products

Office-Couple-1We have added two new films to our Decolite™ designer films portfolio – Frosted View and Dusted View. These films offer a look that has proven to be very popular for both homes and commercial properties.

The marketplace has demanded decorative films that feature this specific style (comparable to Dusted Crystal and Frosted Crystal) and we are proud to now include them in our decorative films collection.

Madico’s Decolite™ designer films elegantly enhance the look of glass interiors. These decorative window films allow you to easily retrofit existing glass with an array of classic patterns to compliment any décor. With Decolite™ film you can achieve the distinctive look of etched glass at a fraction of the cost.

The ease of installation and affordability of Decolite™ products make them the obvious choice when customizing your interior glass. We offer a wide array of patterns appropriate for each individual environment from commercial to residential. Decolite™ films are perfect for office partitions, conference rooms, entrances, staircases and bathrooms.


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