Madico Introduces Invisi-Film® Paint Protection Film

InvisiFilm - Newsletter Main ImageMadico Window Films recently introduced its latest paint protection film innovation, Invisi-Film®. Designed and manufactured by Madico, Invisi-Film is intended for any road or terrain – from busy city streets to country trails. It is designed to guard against stones, gravel, sand, scratches, bug residue, winter salt, and other flying objects.

Paint Protection Film Engineered to Work for You

Madico has been in the paint protection film business for over 8 years. Invisi-Film, our most recent version, spent more than two years in research and development to ensure that our customers would receive a top of the line product. Its self-healing, residue resistant properties make Invisi-Film the superior choice among paint protection films. The strong, repositionable adhesive with just the right amount of stretchability results in a user-friendly PPF that’s fast, easy and profitable to install.

Quality Manufacturing You Can Count On

Our Invisi-Film Paint Protection is manufactured by our knowledgeable production staff that averages 17 years with the company. We are committed to providing quality products and train our staff in continuous improvement methods to ensure that quality is maintained.

Invisi-Film is designed to work with computerized plotter systems, such as MACS -Madico Advanced Cutting System – which saves time for the installing dealers and provides a high quality custom fit.

For more information about Invisi-Film, visit invisi-film.com. Or contact the Madico dealer in your area.


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