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President’s Message

Robert Connelly

Robert Connelly Madico, Inc. President and CEO

The magic in Madico’s Success Story is our reliance and commitment to the human component. We’ve cultivated a work environment that fosters entrepreneurial spirits. Within our walls, ordinary people come together and accomplish extraordinary things. As I look back on our 100+ year manufacturing journey, I see a steady stream of innovative solutions. As I look forward, I can only imagine what comes next.

Madico is distinctive. Our history has helped to shape and mature us. We’re not “swept away” by the idea of being number one. Instead, we recognize that achieving number one is the result of a process to bring the right product, to the right place, at the right time. We are “swept away” by a process that enables us to strive for excellence in everything, from product design to distribution. For us, it’s not about getting distracted by fan fares. It’s about establishing long term buyer-seller relationships and finding shared business visions.

For the last 10 years, we’ve pushed towards that synergy of shared vision and it’s paying dividends. Today, we focus on the whole process, of managing the company in a complete, balanced, and organized way. It’s helped us become more systematic, more holistic in our management practices. We’ve learned to anticipate unarticulated market needs and to excel at managing our resources to meet industry demands. Never before in our long history have we been better poised to develop new business and products for the long term.

Our focus has always been on sustainability – sustainability of our products, resources, environment, and marketplaces. It drives nearly everything we do, both economically and environmentally. Our philosophy centers on our responsibility to maximize efficiency and minimize waste. After all, products that are important contributors to society must not be made by a process that harms it. We’ve proven our ability to find and commercialize the best available technologies.

Our parent company is Lintec. We are fortunate to have a relationship with Lintec that is seamless. We are in perfect strategic alignment; we share a passion for excellence, and possess the same set of ethical beliefs. Invention and corporate growth is the natural outcome of balance, dependability, positive work environments, and values. I can only imagine what Lintec and Madico may look like in twenty years, but I certainly look forward to participating in the journey.