Research and Development

Madico’s Research and Development department is the cornerstone to our company’s success. Inspired by the voice of the customer, the exceptional group of people is motivated to close today’s known performance gaps and anticipate the gaps of tomorrow. Our select team specializes in expanding the performance of engineered coatings and adhesive films for our customers.

Quality is the critical component built into all Madico material design solutions. We are simply not satisfied to meet industry standards. A Madico product is built to exceed. In accordance with our ISO procedures, we push testing to failure. It is only through understanding failure modes that a company can design materials to withstand an extraordinary lifespan. For us, quality is irrevocably bound to performance sustainability.

Customers are an integral part of our development efforts. While Madico is committed to new product development that has wide reaching benefits to you, we need you to challenge us to solve your material performance needs. We have the vision, the experience, and the will to develop robust commercial products capable of contributing to your long-lasting success.

In the end, that is the real beauty of customers and Madico working together. With development success, everyone wins.