Quality and the Environment

Our goals are to consistently ensure that our products are of the highest quality, that we conduct business with integrity and ingenuity, and that we foster long-term solutions to today’s market needs.

Through initiatives like Continuous Process Improvement and the inception of Madico University we can make certain that quality standards are met throughout the entire process. Our success has fostered benefits for our customers, consumers, partners, suppliers, and the community. We consider this the optimum way to provide products with superior performance, customized products and services. Our focus is on quality, consistency and perfection in execution.

Our Commitment to Quality policy states:

The Madico Quality Policy objective is to become the Best-in-Class supplier of high quality manufactured film systems through coating and laminating. We are fully committed to meeting Customer and ISO requirements in Energy, Safety and Transportation related markets.Further, Madico is committed to providing the necessary resources for continuously improving our safety performance, our products, our processes, and overall Quality System.

Our Environmental Policy states:

In order to pass down a healthy planet to the next generation, we prioritize the creation of environmentally friendly products, and actively work to help protect the global environment.

Action Guidelines

  • We strive to comply with relevant laws and regulations in the United States and all other countries, and seek to protect the global environment,
  • We strive to develop environmentally friendly products,
  • We work to promote effective use of the planet’s resources, and to implement the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, and recycle),
  • We strive to protect biodiversity,
  • We take active initiatives for environmental enhancement, and work to continuously improve our activities using the PDCA (plan, do, check, act) cycle.