Integrated Contingency Plan

While no one can predict where or when disaster may strike, a good company, through good practices and processes, can effectively minimize the chance of an occurrence.

A great company, however, also has a plan to respond.

Madico knows that our customers are relying on us to find a way to supply our high quality materials to you EVEN IN the event of a catastrophic event striking our organization.

To this end, in advance of a disaster, we have prepared to respond by executing three strategic initiatives:

  1. We have established a global chain of assets providing us redundant production capability
  2. Each asset is production qualified for a significant range of Madico products
  3. Each asset is linked to each other through our comprehensive communication network

We have a broad spectrum Contingency Plan in place to execute a response. The plan is a living, breathing document that is constantly updated to reflect our vigilance, capability, and your demands.

The role of the Contingency Plan is to:

  • Prepare our people, before the event, on how to respond
  • Manage our resources during the crisis
  • Communicate to our customer community our status through the plan execution

Our customers can rely on Madico to keep your business running even during unforeseeable events.