Green Facility


Madico’s facility is designed for 100 % capture of process emissions and is equipped with a Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (MEGTECCleanSwitch) that performs with greater than 99% destruction efficiency of Volatile Organic Compounds utilized in the manufacturing processes. This system also functions as a heat recovery system with 95% thermal efficiency. The heat is captured and re-used in our manufacturing process.

Our facility has 57 Kilowatt array of solar power panels installed on our buildings. In fact, our entire distribution warehouse is run by solar power. Further, Madico has updated our facility HVAC systems to run only Energy Star high-rated energy efficient systems. Madico is, without question, committed to do our part in the Green Revolution.

Our Equipment

In our corporate structure, we have 5 commercial scale coater/laminators.  Through our alliance network of converters (which includes our parent company Lintec), we have access to 70 more. Our two fully owned manufacturing locations include: Woburn, Massachusetts and St. Petersburg, Florida. Our machines can manufacture backsheets up to 1830mm or 72” wide. All machines equipped with automated online detection system and controls

Converting Equipment

  • Convert and inspect master rolls from LC into any size width and length
  • Automatic change over

Digital cutting machine

  • Used to provide customer with sheet materials to fit any specification
  • Can cut to CAD/Cam drawing and fully automatic
  • Can cut to any configuration
  • Complex sheets with hole punches