Madico’s objective is to run a sustainable, “leaner and greener™” manufacturing operation. We accomplish this goal by combining our state-of-the-art facility and machinery with continuous-improvement processes based on the principles of lean manufacturing and Six Sigma.

Madico uses multiple suppliers that are regional to our manufacturing facilities; our manufacturing facilities are strategically located near our customers to supply products in an eco-friendly manner.

Our production Staff

Madico’s staff averages 17 years with the company, and, in that time, each employee had established himself as a highly regarded subject matter expert. As Madico invests in its factory and labs, we also make certain our staff has access to the training required to become leaders. In fact, Madico currently employs several of the world’s most advanced thinkers in Six Sigma and lean manufacturing. Madico’s staff is made up of ordinary people who produce the extraordinary!

Madico is committed to:

  • Creating High Value Technology & Products
  • Manufacturing and Distributing in a Lean Process
  • Service at the Highest Level
  • Performing in an Ultimate Sustainable Method

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