Business Segments & Opportunities

Madico is embedded (and a global market leader) in two primary business segments: the Photovoltaic Backsheet market and the Aftermarket Window Film Market. We believe we can advance either or both by a strategic alignment with a Brazilian company or the Brazilian government to:

Advance Brazilian transition to Solar Energy  (consumption of photovoltaic modules) by:

  • Facilitating/orchestrating local economy access to Module manufacturers
  • Illustrating for the community the key features/benefits of solar over other green energy choices
  • Linking with a local stakeholder (installer, VC, etc..) to shorten the business channel and commercialize specific projects

Advance Brazilian use of Architectural Films to achieve local Green Energy Objectives

  • Most Energy Initiatives focus solely on the generation of energy to meet rising demand. Most forget that “the other side” of the Energy Balance equation is consumption.

Madico’s Architectural Films, designed with state-of-the-art solar rejection technology can DRAMATICALLY reduce the energy consumption requirements of a building or home by simply minimizing solar heat ingress from the window. The saving to the building and home owner are substantial. The saving to a government or utility organization through large scale adoption is enormous (as the same asset base can meet longer term energy needs)

We are prepared to:

  • Link with Brazil’s Architectural and Building Community and illustrate the full key values of solar rejecting films  (from Design Aesthetics to calculating energy savings by building construction)
  • Linking with Government Energy groups to outline potential programs to facilitate local adoption of the available films

Advance Brazilian use of Safety Films

Driven by global terrorist concerns, crime, and new construction in areas susceptible to natural disasters (hurricanes, earthquakes, etc…), advancing the Safety and Security of people and assets has emerged as a compelling market need

Madico is extraordinarily proud of its accomplishments in this area. We lead this film market segment.  With the right film, the right anchoring systems, and the disciplined training programs for installation.

  • Linking with Brazil’s advanced Architectural and Building Community and illustrating the full key values of Safety films
  • Linking with Government Security Initiatives to protect government employees and assets