Innovation Economy Mission 2011

You have successfully navigated to Madico’s Innovation Economy Mission page! The page has been set up specifically for those participating in Massachusetts-Brazilian discussion in the pursuit of growth and economic development partnerships.

We sincerely hope that this page helps enlighten you about our activities. If not, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

From all of us at Madico, we look forward to working together!

Madico’s Mission Role

Madico is going to Brazil on this Economic Mission primarily as a representative of the Massachusetts Business sector, and we have a lot to offer as an ambassador…read more.

Development Efforts and Opportunities in Brazil

Madico recognizes that our research investments today shape our company’s tomorrow. As such, we are in continuous search of opportunities worthy of investment….read more.

Business Segments and Opportunities in Brazil

Madico is embedded (and a global market leader) in two primary business segments: the Photovoltaic Backsheet market and the Aftermarket Window Film Market…read more.

Madico’s Innovation Economy Mission Contacts:

Bob Connelly

Rob Comeau