History of Madico

At the turn of the last century, it would have been difficult for anyone or any single company to accurately predict the fundamental changes that a surging population would place upon Energy, Safety, and Security Issues.

However, successful companies born at that time, could and did develop the vision, the core competency, and the manufacturing capabilities to propel such growth.


  • Madico Corporate
  • Energy Conservation - Window Film
  • Renewable Energy - Specialty Film
  • Safety Film
  • Asset Security

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1903 —

Hy-Sil, the precursor to Madico, is founded. Madico begins to build a technical competency in multi-layer materials such as paper and postcards.

1935 — Hy-Sil's Paul Alexander builds the world's first roll-to-roll Metalizer, a process that enables the birth of the window film market.
1958 — Hy-Sil successfully commercializes the first transparent reflective window film product.
1971 — A novel mounting adhesive system revolutionizes the application process.
1974 — Madico introduces reflective films with colors such as bronze, gray, gold, green, and copper.
1978 — Madico introduces films with a protective scratch resistant coating.
1982 — Madico introduces the first high efficiency, low reflectivity, high visible light transmission copper film.
1984 — Madico develops Performance Tint® a high performance automotive window film.
1987 — Madico introduces photo chromic films, a key enabling technology for future material development.
1989 — Madico enters the Photovoltaic Backsheet market.
1991 — Madico debuts Dielectric Bonding Technology to produce a higher performing, leaner and cost effective PV backsheet.
1994 — Madico introduces the first 10 year warranty on exterior window film.
1998 — Madico begins Shock Tube Testing of Safety Films with the Army Corp Engineers.
1999 — The largest open range blast test of safety window films is conducted with Madico material at the Defense Research Establishment in Canada.
1999 — Madico receives ISO 9001-2000 Certification.
2000 — Madico introduces Bright White power boosting technology developed to increase panel power.
2001 — Madico installs the CleanSwitch® system to its manufacturing facilities. Designed to capture 100% of the process emissions and is equipped with a regenerative thermal oxidizer to destruct 99% of volatile organic compounds.
2002 — Madico University is born, a training program for Safety Window Film installers.
2003 — Madico celebrates 100 years of innovation.
2004 — Madico incorporates the Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing methodology to its manufacturing process.
2004 — Madico teams with GE on Project Safeguard℠ a project designed to protect childcare centers.
2005 — VisionSpan 1500, a hurricane impact film for OEM windows is introduced.
2005 — Madico collaborates with Optodot Corporation to enhance solar heat gain window films by developing the first organic coating that reflects infrared energy.
2006 — Madico launches Advanced Ceramics® a line of "High-Definition" window film.
2007 — Clearplex® is launched for automotive safety films, and invisible windshield protection film.
2007 — Madico is granted the DuPont® Plunket Award for developing Dielectric Bonding Technology (DBT)
2007 — Madico debuts its ground breaking Protekt® Technology to the photovoltaic market and revolutionizes the industry.
2008 — Madico receives NFRC certification on 45 Madico Window Film products for the energy performance of windows, doors, skylights, and attachment products.
2008 — Madico launches SignalShield®, a window film that provides countermeasures against certain forms of electronic infiltration.
2008 — Madico captures leadership position in Photovoltaic backsheets market.
2008 — Madico begins an Integrated Contingency Plan to improve safety and ensure business continuity.
2008 — Madico collaborates with parent company Lintec to increase production capacity.
2008 — Madico develops Thin Film Technology (TFB) for its Protekt line of Backsheets.
2009 — Madico develops Protekt Charcoal to provide a viable option for Building Integrated PV panels.
2009 — Madico is granted a US Patent for its ground breaking Bright White — Power Boosting Technology.
2009 — Madico introduces an evolutionary step in product finishing by supplying PV customers with sheets rather than rolls.
2009 — Madico receives ISO 9000-2008 certification.
2009 — Madico collaborates with Optodot Corporation to produce SIRE®, a secure infrared encoding film.
2010 — Madico expands the Window Film business with the purchase of Solamatrix.
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