Development Efforts & Opportunities

Madico recognizes that our research investments today shape our company’s tomorrow. As such, we are in continuous search of opportunities worthy of investment. The opportunities usually lead us more to “who” and less to “what”.
We routinely invest in people and organizations that share our future view of the Energy market.
We seek investment ideas that:

  • Can be drawn to film/layered solutions
  • Can be linked to or near to our core competencies (coating, high speed production, complex multilayered films, etc…)
  • Answer identifiable market (or niche) needs

We value partnerships, fully understanding that the BEST chance for our success is mutual success.

We are bring more “MOVING PARTS” to the table than Madico, Woburn

Madico owns a subsidiary in St. Petersburg Florida. We are also a fully owned subsidiary of the Japanese company Lintec, a global Japanese corporate giant with revenues exceeding $2.7B annually.
This should absolutely be considered a strength as our research, investment, and business reach is enhanced through this intimate business structure.