Core Competencies

Renewable EnergyRenewable Energy

Madico leads the way in the photovoltaic backsheet market. Backsheets prevent panel degradation and provide long term durability for the solar modules. Our high performing Protekt® backsheets offer maximum power and bond strength, superior electrical insulation, resistance to flame, hydrolysis & chemical degradation.  Protekt® boasts excellent thermal stability characteristics, enabling the module to perform at high efficiency for an extended period. All Madico backsheets are based on the lean and efficient use of the best materials available. Each backsheet achieves the highest levels of performance and reliability, while conforming to IEC, UL, TUV and industry standards.

Energy ConservationEnergy Conservation

Madico Window Films help conserve energy by blocking up to 80% of the sun’s heat, decreasing demand on cooling and utility needs. Window Films from Madico are the best solution for home and building owners to reduce C02 emissions and overall energy costs. Our films are also capable of blocking almost 100% harmful UV rays, eliminating rug and furniture fading in the home. On commercial applications, our window films can help buildings attain LEED credits and potential certification.

Human SafetySafety

Madico Safety Window Films are specifically engineered to hold broken glass in place during a natural or man-made disaster. By minimizing flying splinters, personal injury and property damage during such an event are significantly reduced.

Asset SecurityAsset Security

Madico Specialty films have collaborated with many industry leading companies to develop products that contribute to asset security. Madico, in collaboration with Optodot Corporation, has commercialized a  SIRE™ an invisible infrared coating that can be integrated into various applications to provide authentication solutions/security.
Madico’s anti-intrusion and Graffiti Free window films make forced entry more difficult for would be vandals and burglars protecting your business assets.